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Retained player list of IPL season 11 with Auction details

Hello Guys Soon You all be Watching IPL 11, 2018. More ahead of the IPL 2018 Auction will be going to take place in Bengaluru dated 27 and 28 January, more over the last day for IPL 2018 Player Retention was January 4th. Every year each player has to start with a fresh and franchises are less or more about the players that they would like to retain the previous squad members by retaining a player or Right to Match (RTM) card to pay the player during the Auction.

After all the 1st month of the New Calendar year going to end, discussion of IPL’s 2018 season starts. IPL live streaming continues to be creating an eagerness among the cricket supporters and fans, now it is actually Just about the most expected number of the year. But ahead of the particular period start, all players must undertake a big hit. Certainly,  first the IPL teams squad will take then  IPL Auction 2018. The day considering that IPL 2018 Auction Dates were being announced individuals have begun trying to find how to watch IPL Auction 2018 Live whether on Television or On the net. Already the teams have retained and displayed the gamers prior to IPL 2018 Auction. You might all have gone through the IPL 2018 Player Retention List and IPL 2018 Produced Players Checklist.

IPL 2018  Retention Player List  Announcement 

The Chennai Super King retain the Three best Players i.e MS Dhoni, IPL star Suresh Raina as well as overall performer Ravindra Jadeja. Many more Players retained by teams like David Warner retained by Sunriser Hyderabad who can also retain the good player Deepak Hooda by paying 3 crores. This time Steve Smith expected to be retained by Rajasthan Royal as he spent his two years at Rising Pune….Virat Kholi retained by RCB….and many other players are also retained by other teams.

IPL 2018 Player Retention


After the IPL 2018 Player Retention, the whole world is waiting for IPL 2018 Auction. Soon this will also be going to announced. Base Prices for players of IPL 2018 Auction already announced Chris Gayle, Chris Lynn, Ben Stokes and included many more big stars to go under the big hit of IPL 2018 Auction on January 27th and 28th. South Africa(57), West Indies (39), Sri Lanka  is followed by the most of the registered player of Australia (58)

What are RTM and Pre-auction means! Mostly asked????

So here you will be getting some information about RTM and Pre-auction Retention…….

In Starting  IPL Governing Council (GC) announced retention policies and salary caps ahead of IPL 2018 Auction. As per their protocols, a franchise can retain only five players  three pre-auction retentions and two RTMs or vice versa

Now here comes the term Pre-auction Retention……which means

Under the GC rules, a franchise can retain only a maximum number of three players from their previous squad and whose names will not be a part of the IPL auction.

The cost of the players……..

 Franchise retains three players: The players will be 15, 11 and 7 crores INR resp.

Similarly, franchise retains two players: The players will be 12.5 and 8.5 crores INR resp.

At Last, franchise retains one player: The player will be 12.5 crores INR.

The Next Term also People wants to know i.e RTM….

In IPL 2018 Auction the RTM, stands for Right to Match, can be utilized by any team on the auction day. If a player (A) previously played for the team (B) in the last season, is acquired by the further team (C) in the auction, B can use their Right to Match card and get A for the exact price of money for which C bought him.


No Longer you all have to wait for IPL 2018 Live streaming ……….Everyone will be watching soon on their respective channels or at Stadium……

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